Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This used to be the view from our house

and now presidential candidates are visiting there.


Jeannine said...

I had no idea he was going to be here and we were still traveling back that day. I am so bummed, I would have taken Fen and the whole business. Oh well.

Ashley said...

i dont get it.....?????

Veronica said...

This is in Grand Junction, Ashley. Barack Obama stopped there on Monday to talk. That's all there is to get really. I basically just liked the picture and thought it was cool he was standing in front of Mt. Garfield, which I used to look at everyday.

Jeannine, too bad you couldn't go. I think he must not have announced his visit very far ahead of time. But, yes, oh well. I'm sure your trip was worth missing his visit!

Anonymous said...

Go back to school. Become a vet. And move back.


I know...easier said than done.

Veronica said...

Much easier said than done, Sara. But I wish I could. Or that I would be brave enough to do it.

too old too fast said...

I hope he wins the election! In fact I think the whole of Europe agrees with me on that point.

Veronica said...

Mark, I know! We know. There are lots of us here in the U.S. who know, despite how it probably appears where you are. We've got our fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

"the whole of Europe agrees with me on that point."

All the more reason NOT to vote for Obama. Hey, I'm very impressed with the guy and at least one news source has been open about the fact that Obama AND McCain have higher degrees of likeability that any foes for President in recent memory. I agree. But Obama's not ready to be President. In 10-15 years, maybe. He's literally got no record of real achievement at the present, and his whirlwind foreign trip (which caused fawning of all kinds with liberal media types) was really very pretentious to say the least. [By the way, those same media types are now completely 'dissing' Sarah Palin's attempts to bolster her foreign affairs credentials, yet they got all wet during Obama's attempts to do the same. Don't people see the desparateness--is that a word--of trying to compare the Dem. Pres. candidate to the Rep. VP candidate?]

And since when do Americans base their vote on what Europeans want? People continue to come to America from different countries (at a far greater rate than folks leave here, despite the threats by Streisand and others), including those in Europe. They come here to live in a society that is the most secure, the most free, and the most generous country of them all. When we begin to set goals of pleasing Europe or becoming more like them, or cowing to an inept and corrupt United Nations, we cease being America.

Dane said...


I don't think any American votes based on what Europe wants. But it's good to have international allies. When people understand our intentions and respect us, they will be more willing to deal with us in the war against terror. W. has burned so many bridges, we have a lot of reparations to do to get the rest of the world behind us. In that regard, relations with Europe and the rest of the world are very important.

Now, as to which ticket can do that better. Both have assets and liabilities. I think McCain has the tools to be a good ambassador for the States. Palin certainly does not, aside from that stunning view of Russia from her back porch. It's sort of the inverse for the Democratic ticket. Biden is a foreign relations all-star and Obama is green. Their willingness to be open with foreign nations is appealing.

But I understand your underlying sentiment. We've got so many problems at home that should take precedence. We need to remove the plank from our own eye before removing the speck from our neighbor's. Still, having global support would be really, really nice.