Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back again

The weekend we left Rye alone with grandparents for the first time went just about absolutely fine.

They locked themselves out of our house yesterday -- no, we had not given them a key -- so spent the night in a hotel.

But to Rye it was just another adventure.

We called home a lot and just about each time he said, "Hey, Mommy, how was the wedding?" Finally, this morning, I was able to tell him it was nice.

Our weekend away was not as great as I'd hoped it would be, for a number of reasons. One, it rained. Two, the wedding was so fancy I couldn't shake the feeling that I didn't belong. Three, we didn't get to spend as much time with a couple friends as we'd hoped. But that might be just the way things go sometimes.

Highlights: The wedding and reception were both really beautiful. The booze was free. The hotel was just a walkway away, which made getting back afterward simple. The Boulevard brewing company tour was lots of fun (mainly the free beer at the end) and the dive of a restaurant/brewery we went to afterward was as well. One friend is maybe even better than I thought. We slept about 10 hours Friday night and watched grown-up TV all we wanted. The room had Starbucks coffee, and even had the to-go cups you'd get at the actual cafe. I ran on a treadmill again for the rest time in many months. Rye had, I think, a good time without us, which proves again how well-rounded and adjusted he is, even at 3.

And, you know, it was something different, something we don't normally do. And that is often a good thing in and of itself.

Today is our sixth wedding anniversary, but so far Dane hasn't been able to do much but sleep. He had perhaps a little too much wedding fun last night.

That's OK. I feel a lightsaber fight coming on in the living room anyway.

Here are some photos from the weekend:

And this one, just because:


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a pretty good time. That's a really cute dress you're wearing in the photos. Cute picture of Rye and Daphne (? not sure if I got the right cat...) too. Happy anniversary!

Veronica said...

Thanks, Sara. You got the right cat. It is Daphne. :) Isn't it cute how Rye covered her up with the blanket? It reminds me of stuff you and I used to do when we were little. I remember I would push Cleo around in a doll stroller, covered with a blanket. I have no idea how she tolerated that. Daphne reminds me of Cleo in a lot of ways.

What did you do this weekend?

Alexa said...

You do look fabulous and I am happy you had a good time. Happy Anniversary! I really can't believe it has been six years. Now I feel old. Great. I am enjoying reading up on what the heck is going on in your life and I will continue to do so (and maybe leave a comment or two). I miss you!

bryan said...

hey, happy anniversary. Sounds like a fun roadtrip, too -- especially the beer.

Veronica said...

Alexa! Hey! I'm happy to have a comment from you. I sort of can't believe it's been six years either ... but then again my child is three. So when I think about it like that, yeah, it's been three years since the wedding! Dane and I found out we were pregnant right before our second wedding anniversary actually -- and your second anniversary is coming up next week, right?

I miss you, too.

Jenny @ Daily Dose of Motherhood said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad you had a nice trip!

Alexa said...

2nd anniversary is coming up next Tuesday. Joe and I are celebrating by spending a night in NYC and also going to a Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers concert. I am pretty psyched.

Jeannine said...

Hey there! Rye looks so grown-up! His hair is a lot shorter than I have ever seen it, and your hair is too. I like it. Sorry you didn't get to spend as much time with people that you hoped. I am also glad Rye did so well. We just got back as well. We were gone for five and a half days! We have never left Isa that long and the only time we left Fen for that amount of time was when we came to Omaha. They were as great and happy as can be. They are actually sleeping and I have only gotten to peek in on them. I won't get to squish them until morning. Got to go to bed!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's very cute how Rye covered Daphne up. I totally remember you pushing Cleo around in a doll stroller. I think I might have done it a few times too. I remember wrapping Ariel up in a blanket and acting like she was a baby when she was a kitten. I don't think she liked it too much...I don't blame her.

I didn't do much last weekend. I watched Batman Begins, which I had never seen. I liked it a lot. I had to cover some stuff for work too. I also attempted to make eggplant parmesan, but it didn't turn out quite like how I hoped.

Veronica said...

Sara: Eggplant parmesan can be tricky business. Dane wants us to watch Batman Begins, too. He started it once, and I just thought it was so dark. I should give it another shot. I think you did push Cleo around a few times. I'm sure I got possessive and wished you would stop. :)

Jeannine: I'm so glad you guys had a good time. I really wish we could have seen you this weekend, too. Great news about the girls being absolutely fine. Did you find yourself missing them? I want to hear more about your trip sometime soon. I've been thinking more about trying to find a time to maybe make it at least to the Front Range and hoping maybe you guys could meet us there -- ? But I don't know when, or if, that's going to be. Hope you had fun squishing the girls today. :)

chris said...

Sounds like a great time! And it's great that Rye had a good adventure too. :)