Sunday, September 28, 2008

Outdoor fun

We've been taking advantage of the summer-like fall.

Yesterday, we spent a couple hours at a pumpkin patch that was fun and super low-key. We crossed paths with maybe 10 other people the entire time. They had animals -- goats, horses, sheep, chickens, llamas, bunnies, plus a pet dog and cat -- and an assortment of other kitschy Halloweeny-type stuff. Rye's favorite part was the pit filled with feed corn that we jumped into over and over again.

We also took the hayrack ride to the pumpkin patch. And though it wasn't technically a patch -- they had obviously picked the pumpkins from elsewhere and placed them in this well-kept grassy field -- we still got the feel of picking our own pumpkins. Plus, Rye didn't know the difference. We picked two pumpkins to take home.

Rye also got his face painted for the first time ever. He choose a witch and it turned out really great, but he was being shy about it after the fact.

Last weekend, we went to a place called Fontenelle Forest, in Bellevue, about a 25-minute drive from our house. Even though it was "free day" and therefore packed with people, it was really cool. The highlight was a brand new outdoor nature classroom, which was the coolest I've ever seen. And the trees, of course, were amazing.

Here are some more photos of the pumpkin patch:

And from Fontenelle Forest:


Ashley said...

OH! how fun!!! =D

By the way, Veronica, I'm totally up for going with you to Valla's Pumpkin Patch whenever that is!!!

chris said...

We've never been to Fontenelle Forest. Once Jack is a little older and understands a bit more of what is going on... I look forward to doing those fun things with Jack and Bryan.

Anonymous said...

Cool face paint on Rye! I hope I can visit the forest with you guys when I next visit.