Thursday, September 4, 2008

Because I'm a journalist

I am not allowed to write about what's going on in our country right now politically.

Luckily, Heather Armstrong, the mommy blogger of all mommy bloggers, did it for me.

Go here.

It's worth it.


Jenny said...

I was going to email you when I read it earlier today. Perfectly said, as always...huh? I think it's great that you posted the link.

Jeannine said...

Very clever of you. It is such a frustrating place to be when some of your family members represent the craziness that she described. Believe me I know. Hopefully her relationships are still in tact. I can't even talk about this stuff with my sister and yet she has no problem sharing her side of things with me. Argh!

Anonymous said...

I started loudly yelling obscenities at my television screen when Rudy Guiliani was speaking. Then it got worse when Palin started talking. I could only take it in five-minute increments. I'd get so upset that I'd have to change the channel, but then I'd usually switch it back after calming down a bit, only to do it all over again.

The whole thing reminded me of a high school football game or a frat party or something...the way they all eerily chanted "drill, baby, drill" in unison...kind of gave me chills, and not the good kind.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, because I think a lot of Veronica, but this other gal's rant is typical of the hatred on the far left that rivals the hatred of Nazis on the far right. What really disturbs me is that the so-called big tent party of acceptance and inclusion is indeed just the opposite...either toe the hard-core pro-abortion (baby-killing), America is wrong to be the one superpower in the world, and income redistribution line or else we don't even want to allow your freedom of speech to exist.

A place where the Daily Kos is revered, but Fox News is reviled. Sorry, I don't want any part of your hatred. I also love to see the Left's reaction when it actually turns out to be the Right who put the first Black on the Supreme Court, put far more minorities in high-level gov't jobs and judge-ships than Clinton or any of his predecessors did, and now are nominating a woman with a good chance to be vice-president (Ferraro never had a chance). The indignation that the Right would do something that the Left claims to want to do but doesn't! Indeed it's only cool if the Black or the woman is a card-carrying liberal according to many of your kind.

The hatred over the lost Gore election (where even if the 'lost' Florida votes WERE counted, Gore still loses but of course the press hid that story on the inside pages and forgets it even happened). Get over it!

Of course, I've guess you've got Sandra Bernhard, Matt Damon (ooh!), and Lindsay Lohan giving politcal advice so that should help you out.

I just don't understand the hatred you all have. I never cared for Clinton or Carter, but each deserved respect that goes with the office and I would be honored to meet them today. Many of you have to ask yourself if you'd show the same respect to Bush41 or Bush 43 or McCain or Palin or whoever today. If you can't, I'm sorry but you are nothing but a 'hater.'