Monday, September 1, 2008

Four friends + a wedding weekend = how things should be more often

One of Dane's best friends got married this weekend.

That basically meant really busy, really fun days starting last Thursday night with a couples bridal shower. Friday night was a rehearsal and dinner, Saturday was the wedding and Sunday was a brunch that somehow stretched all day.

That was the basic plot. But the details were much better than that.

One of the things I really hate about being an adult is that all the close friends we made when we were kids -- and a few from our early to mid-20s, too -- live really far away. So the people who know us best, who get us, who we'd love to have as more permanent parts of our lives, are often nowhere near.

That's why this weekend was as fun as it was. We slept very little (which was compounded when Rye started throwing up at 3:30 Friday morning -- after I'd gone to bed at 2:30), and I drank more than I have in the last couple months.

But it was all OK. Because just hanging out was really fun.

Yesterday's brunch was at the groom's aunt's house, which is tucked away in a northwest Omaha neighborhood that might be as good as it gets in suburbia. Out the backdoor was a lake, a willow tree and a swing. It looked straight out of Dawson's Creek. And I loved it.

We twirled and spun on the swing. We picked overripe vegetables from their garden, we built an ewok village in the sand. Rye got really wet, and even he said, "Well, that's OK."

And it really was.

Here's us right after the wedding (Dane officiated, by the way):

Check out the bug Rye found at the lake:

Dane and his friends:

And this morning, we ran a race. Here's Rye before his half-mile holding the carnation I got after my 5K:


chris said...

Glad to hear you had a great weekend! Where was the race?

Veronica said...

Thanks, Chris! It was just on the Keystone Trail, starting and ending at Peak Performance on 76th and Cass. The Go Girl Run. Hope you had a good weekend, too.

Jeannine said...

Reading this just makes me miss you guys even more, but I am so glad you had a great weekend. Twelve more days and another wedding!

Hip Mom's Guide said...

Wow, that really does sound lovely. I know what you mean about being far from so many good friends. Strange isn't it--when I was a kid, I never thought about seemed like we were right where we should be, no matter that my parents didn't grow up there. I'm sure our kids feel the same.

And your photos are great!

Veronica said...

Jeannine, I miss you even more, too, after this weekend.

Maybe you and Cullen can tag along with Josh and Katie to the wedding in 12 days ... :)

Jeannine said...

I saw Josh and Katie about ten days ago and he said that it was to bad we weren't going to be there too. Good idea except we are going to be in Seattle for a wedding on the same day.

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. Sounds like a fun weekend.

Is that that monster of a bug Rye is holding by its leg alive? I just spent the last 10 minutes trying to kill a huge cricket in my kitchen with bug spray as it kept jumping almost a foot in the air trying to get away from me. It eventually crawled under my stove. I don't know where it is now. I'm scared it's plotting revenge and will attack while I'm sleeping.

Jenny said...

Aw, what a great weekend!

Ashley said...

HAHA! Sara, that evil sounding cricket probably will!!! =D

Veronica said...


No, that bug was dead. Still, I was surprised Rye wanted to hold it. He was just having a great time being a boy with all those other boys.

Your cricket situation sounds funny -- since I'm not in it. I bet he'll make a quiet escape while you're sleeping. I'm sure he wants to get out of your apartment as much as you want him out of your apartment.

I haven't talked to you in a while. How's it going? (Not that we have to do this on the comments section of my blog...)