Monday, July 21, 2008

Yoga for Yoda

Yesterday, after homemade waffles and the newspaper, I asked Rye if he wanted to try the kids yoga video I got at the library recently.

"Yoda video?" he said. "Yeah!"

Though it was not Yoda doing tree pose or upward facing dog, the three of us gave the exercise a try anyway.

We followed along with a group of super flexible kids and a very happy, hippie-ish woman. Her instructions for the poses were interspersed with shots of yawning white tigers and leaping tree frogs.

It was all very happy.

And Rye actually did a really great job.

You should have seen his triangle pose. It was just about perfect.

And there's something so adorable about little bodies striking poses you normally don't see.

My friend, Katie, says kids' bodies are meant to do these things anyway and how much better would the world be if every child did yoga three times a week?

I agree.

If nothing else, it was a quiet, silly, simple activity for us to do together on a Sunday morning.

I didn't even mind when Rye decided my bent leg on tree pose would be great for hanging on and he almost toppled both of us over.

This activity ended, by the way, with Dane doing freestanding headstands in the middle of the room.

Not our typical Sunday morning.

But it'd be nice if we did it again.

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Jenny said...

Yoga sounds like fun! I think it's a great idea for kids to learn about it.

I gave you an award! You can stop by my blog any time to pick it up!