Friday, July 25, 2008

Memory lane

I named mine Matilda Daphne, and I carried her everywhere, at least at first.

She had beautiful stringy red hair in pigtails, a yellow dress and Sunday-white shoes.

She was my favorite Christmas present in 1985. I was 6.

I found her years later in a box, and I got her out and brushed her off. If I remember right, I put her on my bed for a while, even though I was much too old for dolls. She sat next to the Puff-a-lump (at least someone has to know what I'm talking about, right?) and the Care Bear (Cheer Bear also circa-1985 and loved to death) that I also retrieved from that box.

In college, the toy companies wisely started making Cabbage Patch Kids and Care Bears and My Little Ponies and other toys from my childhood again. Only they weren't the same.

And so they weren't as good.

Instead of the simple smiling faces, flowered tummies and lollipop hindquarters, these new toys were flashier. They talked. And glowed in the dark. And came with DVDs.

I hated this. Where was the simple, lovable Pound Puppy of my youth? Where is the GloWorm that doesn't sing?

But today I got an e-mail from a PR person who must think I have some venue to promote his product. I don't really, of course, but his message landed on willing ears. In September, Cabbage Patch Kids turn 25. And to celebrate their birthday, Xavier Roberts and crew are bringing back the original models.


Matilda Daphne and Kelly Dorcas and all the other kids adopted by my childhood peers will be on the shelves again.

It's marketing, yes, and on the surface that's all it is.

But I think to others like me, the nostalgia just might be worth buying one.


Jenny said...

You remember Kelly Dorcas!!!! Oh how I loved my sweet red headed pal! I will most definitely be picking up an original model for Mackenzie to have. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Oh..and puff-a-lumps? The cute stuffed nylon dolls? I remember those too!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I hope you have a great weekend!

chris said...

I totally remember puff-a-lumps! And pound puppies were my favorite. It's fun to remember those toys.