Sunday, July 20, 2008

Do 3-year-olds just not sleep?

I thought once we finally convinced our baby to sleep through the night when he was eight months old, that we'd been through the worst of it.

And, yes, maybe we had.

But lately nighttime is not very fun again.

Last night, for example, he was awake until after 10 p.m. -- pretty late. But at 3 a.m., he woke up crying. I ignored it for a while but finally went up to see what was wrong.

He asked to come in our bed. I said no because I've learned recently how well that goes. He doesn't sleep. He just rolls around and keeps everyone awake. I told him I would sit with him for a while, though, but that didn't seem to do the trick either.

So he requested to go on the couch and "watch something."

I caved to the couch request, stopping in my room to get my pillow, and then we laid on the couch. We did this three nights ago when he was sick. And now I'm afraid we've started a bad habit.

We slept for the most part.

But at 5:50 a.m., the sun was up. And to Rye, that signals morning. He renewed his request to "watch something," so I grumpily turned on the Disney channel and went back to sleep. I think he eventually fell back asleep, too, until finally around 8 he sat up, crabby.

That was how I started my Sunday.

I love being with Rye, and I'm generally happy to do what he asks (within reason, of course).

But come on: 3 a.m.? Really?

Are 3-year-olds just not wired for a whole lot of sleep?


Jeannine said...

Yikes! Sometimes in the middle of the night Isa still wanders into our bed and when morning comes and the light peeks through our window she always asks me if it's still dark and I lie and say yes. For now she trusts me more than her own eyes and because of it we usually get a few more hours of sleep. Good luck!

P.S. I hope you got a nap today.

Jeff said...

3-year-olds never get a habit of going to the couch to sleep at night.



chris said...

I think that too sometimes. "Aren't you suppose to be sleeping through the night?" It's always something!