Sunday, July 27, 2008

My little blogger


My 3-year-old has a blog.

It is basically all about Star Wars.

Because that is what he really loves.

Yes, he is newly 3. And he can confidently tell you the plot line of the entire saga.

Daddy gets much (by that I mean ALL) of the credit for the blog, which so far has prompted one grandparent to leave a comment in yoda speak. Does it get any better than that? I mean, come on.

Yesterday, Daddy bought something he has never purchased in his life (nor will he ever again, I imagine): a tackle box. But this is not for fishing. No, us vegetarians do not eat animals, let alone kill them. This tackle box was for something much bigger than fish to fry.

It was for Star Wars guys.

And they love their new home. It's amazing how well this tackle box accommodates the how-did-this-collection-get-sooooooo-big since May bundle of Star Wars action figures. The top two tiers -- which have small compartments -- are perfect for light sabers, guns and other small pieces. And Luke, Leia, Darth and crew have plenty of room to hang out in the roomy luggage compartment down below.

Check it out. On Rye's blog.


Skye said...

Make sure you see this:

chris said...

That is SO awesome! Nice work, Daddy! Rye's light saber picture is great too.

Jonathan said...

Kudos on you and Dane getting Rye involved in the blogging habit! I will say that I really enjoy all of the blogs I read from you guys over in your neck of the woods (yours, Dane's, Ashley's, and Rye's). A project at work kept me away from blog commenting for most of July, but starting now I think I'll jump back on the bandwagon. :)

Ashley said...

Does Dane ever write in his blog?