Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer fun

Yesterday was one of those hot, humid late summer days that seem to go on forever.

Despite the uncomfortable conditions, we played outside a lot. Rye's highlight: the slip 'n' slide.

Even Mommy went down a few times.

Rye and Daddy also tricked out the old swing set with new swings and rock climbing wall handles on the stairs up to the slide. It's amazing how a little bit of time and money really makes something old and worn out much better. That lesson probably applies to other areas of life, too.

I pulled LOTS of weeds. So many that when I closed my eyes that night, I saw weeds. Not exactly the picture I want in my head! I learned, though, that when you pay attention to something, it starts to matter more. This is the case with our yard. With the time spent in it this weekend, I sort of like it more. If that makes any sense.

Here is some of the slip 'n' slide fun:


Ashley said...

CUTE!!! That looks like fun, Rye! :) It was very hot outside!!! We're going swimming today though. When, we actually should've went yesterday!

chris said...

I just saw your "list" post and cannot believe you are not a list person... You seem like you would like that type of organization.

A little TLC goes a long way... I'm finding that out with our backyard too. It takes time, but it's worth it!

Veronica said...


I should clarify my opposition to lists. Like my sister, Sara, I enjoy making to-do lists, shopping lists and other lists of that nature. But when it comes to ranking things in order of preference, I struggle. :)

Heard you had a great stay-cation! Are you back at work now?

Ashley, did you swim today? It rained a bit here in the afternoon, which was weird. Hope you didn't get rained on!