Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scissors? For me?

At the store last night, I stopped in the crayon and marker aisle. Rye's supplies needed refreshing, I'd been thinking.

So he got new washable markers ($1.50), a pack of four paintbrushes (just under $2), children's safety scissors (50 cents) and a pack of ABC flashcards (97 cents).

After I got home and had lugged in the groceries -- mostly pop and water and juice boxes and paper plates and chips for a party we're having tomorrow night -- I called Rye over.

Look what I got for you, I said. It was right before bedtime, but still I wanted to show him.

When he saw the scissors, you would have thought I'd just handed him Luke Skywalker.

Mommy! he said. What did you get for me? Scissors? For me? Can someone please open these for me? RIGHT THIS SECOND.

So I did and we got him a piece of notebook paper. We sat at the kitchen table and Rye got serious.

I showed him how to hold the scissors and how to watch out for the fingers of his other hand that are holding the paper. He did short cuts and quick cuts and little tiny cuts for about 20 minutes until he had cut up the entire piece of paper. Tiny shards of paper littered the floor around him.

After babies learn to walk and talk and use the bathroom by themselves, it's easy to forget that there are still a lot of firsts to come in their little worlds.

But there are.

Cutting with scissors was a first for Rye last night. And it was a fun one. We were both proud.


Jenny said...

How exciting! Your beautiful little boy sure is growing up quickly! Moments like you shared last night are so much fun and I'm sure you'll remember it forever.

I gave you an award today! Please swing on by whenever you get a chance. I heart your blog!

too old too fast said...

I must say, for his first time he cuts much better than the 16 year olds that I teach... when they are done with cutting out a handout it looks like at least 10 shredders have been emptied on my classroom floor.

chris said...

How much fun! Thanks again for having us over last night. It was a good time.