Saturday, August 23, 2008

If Saturdays can be perfect

today was close to it.


Mainly -- the weather. It was perfect. Sunny but not hot. A slight, cool breeze. It's the kind of day that just makes me want to be outside all the time.

We weren't outside all the time today, but we should have been.

Still, it was one of those lazy, relaxing days where nothing really needed to be done. It was the sort of day where I might have laid outside and read a book and taken a nap if I'd wanted to before I became a parent. Instead, Rye played outside in between bouts of Disney movies on TV, I went shopping for a while and then we got takeout Thai. Now, Rye and Daddy are playing hide and seek in the backyard, their voices and laughter floating through the open windows.

Post-party last night, the no-pressure, perfect weather day was just what we needed.

I hope all of you had equally near perfect days.


Ashley said...

I did!!! Heather and I hung out some more today!

We went to the park and just was bored together. I think this day was just planned for it to be bored. =D

Grant said...

Hi Veronica!

Great party on Friday. Thanks for the invite. Sorry we didn't catch you on the way out. I had accidentally kept us about 15 minutes longer than anticipated and we we're on the run.

Thanks again & I hope your Sunday is as perfect as yesterday. The weather is certainly cooperating.



Anonymous said...

I had a great Saturday too. I finally got to go canoeing and camping with my co-workers. Every other time we had planned to go, it rained, but yesterday's weather was perfect.

Cara said...

I too had a fabulous time at the party (and also a darn near perfect Saturday). Was great to see you, as always. I'm considering doing the mud run, too:)

Jenny said...

Yes, Saturday was as close to perfect as Saturdays can get!

We had a really great time on Friday, thanks again for inviting us! And a special thanks for your call on Saturday morning, that was so very nice of you!


Veronica said...

Thanks, guys! I love all of you and only wish we saw each other more.

And, yes, Sunday was pretty good, too, as was Monday and Tuesday!

Today, however, the humidity is back.