Friday, May 9, 2008

So, like, when did this happen?

Not that long ago, I was a lifeguard.

That meant I wore swimsuits just about every day, all day, for three months straight.

I recall not minding doing this. I wasn't that self conscious, and it was nice to not have to worry about wearing real clothes in the hot, humid Nebraska summers.

Now, though, is a different story.

Yes, I've had a child so my stomach will never be the same. But still. I feel the anxiety is worse this year than ever before.

Is this just what happens the closer we get to 30?

I went to Scheel's the other night because they had running shorts on sale. I found the shorts and decided to look at the swimsuits as well. I've never been interested in wearing a skimpy bikini. Rather, I've always liked the more athletic suits, and you can't really find athletic suits at Target. So I thought I'd look.

And I was excited when I saw that Scheel's had one-piece Tyr suits on sale for $20. That's a great buy.

So I picked out four and I tried them on.

Horrible. I hated just about everything.

I went home and dug out the scale from the back of my closet.

I weigh the same as I did last summer.

I also am in pretty good shape -- I just ran a half marathon and felt pretty great doing it --and I eat relatively well (though, yes, I still eat ice cream at least twice a week and also made chocolate chip cookies, which I ate my fair share of, last week). But I don't eat meat or white bread or even drink much pop. We have a stir fry -- rice and vegetables, people! -- at least twice a week. I'm also making a concerted effort to drink a lot of water.

So what freaking gives?

I'm actually considering -- I never thought I'd say this -- wearing some kind of swim shorts this summer over my swimsuit.

So far, my 28th year of life has been ALL about feeling like an adult.


I suppose next I'll have to stop shopping in the juniors section.


Jeannine said...

Oh man chick! You are way to hot to be feeling like this. Seriously, you look fabulous. By the way I am confident that you still have many many more years of shopping in the juniors department.

On a different note I have some great pictures to send to you from your trip here, so please keep bothering me until I actually send them.

chris said...

I feel your pain... I have yet to try on my suit. It's an athletic type and yet I'm very, very intimidated by it. ;) What matters is your healthy and are teaching Rye great eating and exercising habits.