Thursday, May 22, 2008

Make your own lightsaber

For Rye's birthday party last week, we made our own lightsabers.

I've heard from several parents of the attendees that their kids are still playing with them. In fact, a few will soon need repair because of their popularity, I'm told.

It was also a really fun, fairly easy and not expensive at all project for a little kid birthday party. I'm totally glad we did it.

So here's a quick how-to, if anyone wants to steal the idea:

Visit a home improvement store and head to the plumbing section.

We purchased PVC pipe for the handles and pipe insulation for the actual saber. To color the sabers, we let the kids (parents) wrap them in colored duct tape. I purchased a roll each of red, blue and green tape at Wal-Mart.

Dane used a handheld miter saw to cut the PVC pipe into 7" pieces. Then, he spray painted them black and let them dry.

We made sure the insulation we bought fit inside the PVC pipe. It was no problem, as any major home improvement store will have several sizes from which to choose.

Dane also cut the insulation into 3 feet strips. For this, he used plain old scissors!

All in all, we probably spent $20 on all the supplies, which made 15 lightsabers. A good buy, I'd say.

And definitely a hit with the birthday boy and his friends. (And even some parents).

Here is the finished product:

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