Saturday, May 17, 2008

My baby turned 3 today

I plan to write a more meaningful post about his birthday later, but in the few minutes before we go to the park for his party, I wanted to post something.

Yesterday, he called me at work. Excitedly, he said:

"Mommy, we have a light saber CAKE!"

"We do, Rye?" I said. "That's awesome!"

Rye: "YEAAAAAAAA! And it has sparkles on it!"

Me: "It does?"

Rye: "Yeaaaaaaaaa! And they're red and blue.

Dane's mom made him a cake that he obviously loves. In general, this birthday and the time leading up to it has been the most fun so far because he gets it. He understands that this day is just for him.

I love it.

Now, off to the Star Wars party.


Jeannine said...

Oh, how I wish we could be there. Happy Birhtday Rye!

Anonymous said...

Hope the party is fun! Hope you're having the same weather we have here - sunny and warm.

Happy birthday, Rye!

chris said...

Happy Birthday to Rye!

Jeannine said...

That's my favorite picture of the day by the way!