Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sippy cup saga

To celebrate my last day as a pretend stay-at-home mom yesterday, we went to the zoo.

It was beautiful and sunny and a great day to be at the zoo (aside from the hundreds of children there on field trips, who seemed to be everywhere).

We saw the monkeys, gorillas, tigers, lions, polar bears, sharks and other fish. We rode the carousel -- three times. And we ate peanut butter and jelly outside before petting goats and eyeing bunnies in the barn area.

After that, the cup situation began.

Because Rye refuses to ride in a stroller for very long, I long ago stopped bringing one to the zoo. Worse than having to carry your child everywhere is having to do that while also pushing an empty stroller.


I was carrying Rye, up and down hills, and just as we were about to go into the rainforest building, I put him down and somehow he sort of fell out of my arms.

He was not hurt.

But he dropped his yellow Nuby cup.

And it rolled over the edge of the bridge we were on.

It landed at least 10 feet down, in a fenced-off area for birds.

Here it is:

Rye did not like this. Not at all.

He cried and cried for his long-lost, $2 plastic cup.

I found a zoo worker, who had to consult with another worker, who finally found a zookeeper, who told me she could retrieve it for us but that it would take 10 minutes.

So we simply sat down. And looked at the cup.


Jeannine said...

That is great! Good job at having the patience to just wait there until the cup could be retrieved! You're a great mom.

Jonathan said...

Wow! I dropped my water bottle while climbing Mt. Monadnock yesterday; it's too bad my Mom wasn't there to get it. :)

Seriously though, most people would have just given up. I'm very impressed as well. Some people don't understand how important the little things are.

MegandMag said...

This has happened to us in various ways and replacements are never up to snuff. As far as carrying and strolling, I have this problem with my klids and decided to keep a carrier (like Becco or Ergo) for when they won't ride. It has saved my back. I tagged you on my blog for a meme. My blogger account doesn't link there so come on over to graggirl(dot)typepad(dot)com if you want to play. :)

Dane said...

Note: It was a BPA-free bottle. Those are like gold now.