Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Play your guitar with Murray

Tonight, we got to meet The Wiggles.

It was sweet.

Yes, I am an adult.

But this was still exciting.

Was it on par with meeting New Kid Joey McIntyre in a back room at Lincoln's South Pointe Mall when I was in college?


But as far as the preschool, Disney entertainers go, The Wiggles, in my book, are far superior. They're fun, energetic, genuine -- and they sing good songs. I'm not going to lie: I often have a Wiggles tune in my head. You know: "Doro-thy, Doro-thy, would you like to dance with me?"

So the meet and greet was very structured, and we were actually first in line. We were told to sit in the folding chairs and wait. A Wiggly dancer came out to tell us they'd take our pictures for us so we could all be in it and that Captain Feathersword would be coming, too.

Very exciting!

Rye was very serious, as expected, throughout. But I know he was taking it all in.

After about 10 minutes, The Wiggles came out, all smiles and fun. Captain Feathersword immediately saw the Captain Feathersword doll stuck in my purse.

"Hey, there I am," he said.

Then, he asked what Rye's name was. I told him, and he told the other guys, "Hey, this is Rye, everyone!"

A chorus of, "Hi, Rye"s rang out.

Then -- this was the best part -- Murray (my favorite Wiggle) came around to look at the Wiggles guitar Rye brought with us. Every Wiggle has a thing, and Murray's is playing the guitar.

So Murray bent down in front of Rye and asked Rye about the guitar. And then Rye turned it on and pressed the button that plays "Play Your Guitar with Murray!"


That was great.

Then the Wiggly dancer took our picture, and our turn was over.

I felt the tiniest bit sad as we left the small backstage room. But I was more happy that Rye had that experience, whether he'll remember it or not.


Jeff said...

Awesome. You know Rye will be talking about this for a long time.

Jenny said...

That is so awesome! It's sounds like an amazing experience and it was captured with a great photo! I'm glad you all had fun!

Jonathan said...

Very impressive! Those are indeed some great pictures for such a cool pre-school moment.

Jeannine said...

Fantastic! All thanks to a groovy job!

Jeannine said...

Do you have enough people in your life whose names start with "J"?

Veronica said...

Yes, this was definitely cool.

And, yes, Jeannine -- add Jessica, Jaime and Josh to the list, too! The Js on my cell phone address book take forever to get through if I'm looking for someone at the bottom. I also have a lot of Ks. :)