Monday, April 28, 2008

It's not Darth Tater, but ...

Omaha has these consignment sales filled to the brim with kids stuff. Only kids stuff.

If you are a parent, especially one with young children, these are great.

There are many, but in the nearly three years we've been here, I've learned to like only two.

The one we went to last week had so much stuff it was difficult to even look at all. One of my friends went back three times.

Rye and I only went once, but we were successful.

He got some "new" Children's Place shorts, a Fisher Price flashlight that lets you shift the light from clear to green to red.

And I got a toy bin/shelf for less than half of what they sell for new. Great deal.

The absolute by-far best buy, though, cost me $2. Rye spotted it himself.

On the surface, it was a huge piece of plastic we did not need in our house. But Rye insisted. And so I looked closer.

Attached to the tall plastic tower was a giant Ziploc bag of "guys," tiny, sturdy action figures.

I noticed one was R2D2.


I lugged the plastic toy around for another 15 minutes or so, while we searched through boxes and shelves of books, toys, VHS tapes and other stuff we probably didn't really need.

When we got home, Rye showed Daddy the new toy. And they opened the bag.

And they found the Motherload of 2-year-old bliss. Not only did the Ziploc bag have R2D2, it also had Luke Skywalker circa 1980. He looks more like a Ken doll than a galactic warrior, but he is cool. He came with a space ship that fits strangely just over his head AND a lightsaber. It lights up.

Even I think it's cool.

So hooray for one of those great garage sale/consignment sale finds that turns out to be even better than you originally thought.


Jeannine said...

Oh man you're the envy of our house right now!

chris said...

I also hit the consignment sale (probably the same one) and found some great stuff! Good job to Rye for picking the diamond in the rough. Great story about the sippy cup, by the way.

Veronica said...


Even more reason to visit us. You can promise Fen the use of Luke and his tiny light saber. :)

Chris, thanks for your comment. I'm glad you hit the sale as well. And I also liked the sippy cup story -- after it was over, at least.

Jenny said...

Greg is going to be so jealous. Ben is still to young, of course, but Greg already has big plans for when he's ready for action figures.

I'm glad you had a good time and found some great deals!