Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bye-bye, baby tooth

Rye lost his first tooth!

I'm so excited for him. He wiggled it out himself tonight, while he lay in bed. He opened the door around 9:15 and came to find me in the living room.

"Mom," he said, "I lost my tooth." And then he looked down into his hand and showed me the tiny tooth.

He had blood on his fingers and blood in his mouth, but he was smiling.

I feel like this is a milestone. And I'm actually mourning - slightly - the loss of that tooth that was in his mouth for so many years. That tooth that we've brushed and brushed and brushed. That tooth that helped him eat and helped him talk. That tooth that was a piece of my first baby.

Now, it sits in a plastic baggie under my baby's pillow.

(He did write a note to the Tooth Fairy, though, requesting to keep his tooth! That's my boy!)

Who knew my son losing his first tooth could be so exciting!? (And, yes, that is a permanent tooth already coming in behind).


jessie said...

Thomas did the same thing when he lost his tooth. He wrote a note to the tooth fairy asking to keep it. I wonder if they talked about it?

hapi said...

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Eddie said...

Oh, his permanent tooth showed up so fast! He must've been developing it even before the baby tooth had been removed. Losing a tooth naturally doesn't hurt. However, if it's wiggled even before it's loose, then it would really hurt and he should be consulted to a dentist.

--Eddie Storms