Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh, Cap'n, my Cap'n

At daycare last week, Rye did an art project using Cap'n Crunch cereal. He had never tried this sugary breakfast treat before and apparently it was love at first taste.

He requested to eat it at snack. They did.

And later that day, he matter-of-factly said to me: "Mommy, you need to buy some Cap'n Crunch."

So the next day, after daycare, we did.

He had it for dinner.

And then the love affair ended.

He's refused to have any of it since.

It's typical of my child. And it's also OK with me because, hey, someone's got to eat it now, right?

I think I know just the person.

And I think I know what I'm having for dinner.

(On a related Cap'n Crunch note: ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd had a cereal bracket to tie in with the NCAA basketball tourney this year. Sadly, Cap'n Crunch lost in the Final, er, Flavorful, Four to Frosted Flakes. Are you kidding me? In my book, Tony the Tiger's got nothing on Cap'n. In the end, Tony went down at the hands of Honey Nut Cheerios. You can read more about the cereal contest here.)


Jenny said...

That is such a cute bowl!

Lucky you for getting the cereal all to yourself. Enjoy!

Jessica H. said...

Love it. Of course he changed his mind after having it one time! One day he will realize how awesome it is and should have never denied the Cap'n. In the meantime, more for you!

Melanie said...

Now THAT is my kind of March Madness. What, no Berry Berry Kix?

Grant said...

I didn't take you for Cowherd fan.