Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My coffee mug

I love this mug.

The newspaper I work for does this feature called "My Five" where once a week we pick somebody from the community and ask them to bring in their five favorite objects. It can't be a picture of their child or their cat meant to represent that person or pet; it has to be an actual object that has sentimental value. Like a childhood blankie. Or state track medal. Or guitar. Or something.

I don't know what my five things would be.

But this mug would make the list. I sort of love everything about it. The colors, the design, its shape. The fact it holds just the right amount of coffee.

I found it in a thrift store in Fruita, Colorado, a year ago. The weather was perfect, I remember, and we had walked to this thrift store from our friend's house just a few blocks away.

The store is big and has lots of the usual thrift store merchandise. A back room there, I recall, has lots of kitchen stuff including an entire wall of mugs.

I loved this one right away. It was part of a pair, and I almost bought the other one, too, but Dane said he wouldn't ever use it (and didn't really like it), so I put the other one back.

That's OK. I like having just the one.

And on mornings when this one's clean, I reach for it every time.

And, yes, of course, the coffee tastes just a little bit better.


Jeannine said...

So I see the picture of the mug and burst into tears. I hadn't even gotten to what you wrote yet. I love it too. I wish I would have bought the other one. You're always on my mind.

Veronica said...

Thanks for thinking about me, Jeannine.

And, of course, I realize it's been more than a year since we've seen each other. Much too long.

The mug is cool, isn't it?

dane said...

I love this post.

Anonymous said...

Cool mug! Reminds me of my childhood. I don't think we had any mugs like this, so I am not sure why!

Melanie said...

I know exactly what you mean. I love a good mug. I have my own favorite mug, too. Great post, Veronica.

Cara said...

I love this post, Veronica. I also had a favorite coffee mug -- a KAFM one -- from Grand Junction. But alas, an old boyfriend accidentally broke it. He felt bad so he called an art gallery in Grand Junction and bought a hand-made one from there. So now that's my favorite coffee mug.

Also, I'm also very fond of the colors, design, etc., of your favorite mug.

Jenny said...

That is a lovely mug!

And you're totally right, coffee does taste better from a favorite mug.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I like the mug, too.