Monday, February 16, 2009

Top five, February version

In honor of my ever expanding tummy, let's do another top five things list.

I've done this once before, remember? With mild success.

But it might be fun.

So begin:

Best television episode
1. Hands down for me. "The Dundies," season two of The Office. A drunk Pam. A Jim and Pam kiss. A classic Michael Scott performance. It's got humor. It's got emotion. Who needs anything else?
2. A close second. Episode one of season two of Lost. This is where we meet Desmond for the first time, and he says to Jack, "See you in another life, Brother." Great.
3. I also really like the season finales of Lost's first and second seasons. Season two, I believe, ends with them blowing up the hatch where they found Desmond in episode one.
4. The Little House in the Prairie episode where Nellie pretends to be paralyzed after she falls off a horse and blames Laura for it (it was Laura's horse) and so Laura, feeling guilty, helps Nellie with her homework, etc., until one day she sees Nellie walking around in her room and so discovers she's faking. The episode ends with Laura pushing Nellie in her wheelchair down a huge hill and yelling, "We're such good friends, Nellie!"
5. I don't know which one, but some episode of Wonder Years clearly deserves this spot.

Did we do songs last time? Eh, let's do it again:
1. "Cath," Death Cab for Cutie. I'm addicted.
2. "Mr. Jones," Counting Crows. The live version
3. "Yellow," Coldplay
4. "Thunder Road," Bruce Springsteen
5. "Mr. Brightside," The Killers

Restaurants, anywhere in the world
1. Johnny Carino's, Grand Junction, Colo.
2. M's Pub, Omaha
3. Le Peep, Omaha
4. McFosters Natural Kind Cafe, Omaha
5. The late Ying Thai, Grand Junction

1. "The Chocolate War," Robert Cormier
2. "Blue Shoe," Anne Lamott
3. "A Separate Peace," John Knowles. Yes, Mr. Campbell, it left an impression, even this many years later.
4. "Little Altars Everywhere" and "Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood," Rebecca Wells
5. "The Mermaid Chair" and "Secret Life of Bees," Sue Monk Kidd

Movies (I'm pretty sure we did this one last time, didn't we?)
1. Back to the Future. Hands down.
Not even worth following this up with any others (and yes, I'm getting a bit tired of the lists).

Play along, if you like.


dane said...

TV shows:
1. Lost, season 2, episode 1
2. Lost, season 1 finale
3. The Soup Nazi, Seinfeld
4. The Dudnies, The Office
5. The Odyssey episode, Northern Exposure

1. Fake Plastic Trees, Radiohead
2. Revolution No. 1, the Beatles
3. Disco 2000, Pulp
4. Ragged Wood, Fleet Foxes
5. My Name is Jonas, Weezer

1. Gazpacho, Durango, CO
2. Now-defunct Dowd's in Alda, NE
3. Pablo's Pizza, Grand Junction, CO
4. Chili Willie's, Minturen, CO
5. Cali Taco, Omaha

1. Into Thin Air, Jon Krakauer
2. Into the Wild, Krakauer
3. Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain
4. Brunelleschi's Dome, Ross King
5. Bringing Down the House, Ben Mezrich

1. Dr. Strangelove
2. Magnolia
3. Once
4. There Will Be Blood
5. Royal Tenenbaums

Ashley said...

TV shows:
1. Animal Cops
2. George Lopez
3. Full House
4. American Idol
5. cartoons :)

1. You Give Love A Bad Name; Bon Jovi
2. The Emo Song; Adam and Andrew
3. Gives You Hell; All American Rejects
4. A Thousand Miles; Vanessa Carlton
5. I'm Yours; Jason Mraz
And A LOT others!!! just visit my playlist!! :P

1. San Annas
2. Pizza Hut
3. Hu Hot-Omaha
4. Subway
5. Burger King

1. Twilight Series, Stephenie Myer
2. The Chocolate War
3. A Dog's Life
4. Marley and Me
5. Among the Hidden

1. Twilight (and the future following 3: New Moon, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn)
2. One Missed Call
3. Stepbrothers :) hilariol!!
4. Marley & Me
5. The Polar Express