Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's a twister

The wind is blowing outside, and hail and rain are pelting our house.

The tornado sirens started blaring halfway through dinner, around 6:30 tonight. No one was wasting anytime today, after the tornados that wreaked havoc with little to no warning in the middle of the night Sunday.

Dane turned on the TV upstairs, and I waited about 30 seconds before heading with Rye downstairs. So we are here.

Just waiting for it all to pass.

We are glued to the TV and the computer. The World-Herald has a pretty cool live update going on. Readers are asking questions and a Webmaster is answering them.

On Sunday, we all lucked out. Some people lost their homes, yes. But nobody lost their lives.

Tonight is different.

And it's potentially heartbreaking.

Authorities have already said four people were killed at a Boy Scout camp in Little Sioux, Iowa. We don't know who they are or where they're from. But I can't get the thought out of my head: They were probably kids.

I've been keeping Rye closer, and even though he's squirming and wiggling and bumping my arms as I try to type right now, he's right where I want him.

Be safe, everyone.


Ashley said...

Yeah, I heard about that! boy scout camp. SCARY. Comet was so so so scared tonight when it was also raining and thunderstorming here. He had his tail down and hiding.

Anonymous said...

The weather has been crazy here, too, like I said in my email to you the other day. I'm watching a live report of flooding in Cedar Rapids right now and it is insane. The water is so high that it has risen up to the roof of a Dairy Queen. Cars are completely covered and some houseboats just got washed completely away. Fish are swimming in downtown roads.

That tornado that hit the Boy Scout camp is heartbreaking.