Monday, June 16, 2008

Baby fever

I've got it.

I'm not dangerously burning up yet, but this fever ... it just keeps hanging around. I can't shake it.

It seems to get worse when I see people I know with babies.

Or when I see adorable little girls in any of the millions of adorable little-girl outfits.

Or when Rye is being so precocious I just can't help smiling. (So far, 3 is, like I thought, a really, really great age).

We ran into Rye's old daycare provider last weekend. She was pushing a stroller. I knew there had to be a newborn inside.

We were in the car, but she and her husband saw us and they invited us to take a peek at the baby.

How could I say no?

So we pulled over and got out and when I saw the baby, I think I sort of silently gasped. He was SO TINY. I had forgotten they are ever that small. And he was sleeping. Is there anything better -- I mean, come on, really -- than a sleeping baby?

Rye's current daycare provider is also expecting a baby. It will be her second, and I can tell she is so excited. Slowly, her tummy is growing, just like the baby's wardrobe. Already, this baby that's due in JANUARY has cuter clothes than I.

And suddenly I find myself thinking more and more about babies and baby things.

Even maternity clothes.

That must mean I'm really ready.


Jenny said...

Age 2 is so much fun, so I can't even imagine what age 3 will bring. Especially since Ben will be 2 while Mackenzie is 3. This time of life is so exciting!

Good luck with the baby fever, I hope you find a cure soon!

chris said...

It sounds like you're ready! :)

Barbie Schowalter & Kirsetin Morello said...

Yep, time to go for it! -Kirsetin

Holly said...

I'm ready too! This fever won't go down....

Jeannine said...

Ooo... that sounds serious. I always wonder if no matter how many children we have if women will always have that pull once their other children start to become more independent. I think we just naturally want to nurture and the older our children get the less willing they are to accept our affections in that way. We have loved having both our children and for Cullen and I having two has been great, and yet every once in awhile(actually more than that) I wonder if it was the right thing to do for Fen. I truly feel that you oldest children get the short end of the stick and I feel bad about it. Nevertheless, in long run I think havong a sibling is a great thing especially as an adult at least that's what I keep telling myself. Sorry I took way more space than I should have.