Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Da-da Da-da Da-da Da-da Batman

When I was little, my dad and I would walk to a nearby park in Wisconsin where we lived. We'd slap plastic bands on our wrists and instantly become superheroes.

I was always Wonder Woman. My dad, if I'm remembering correctly, liked to be Batman or Robin. We always had a soft spot in our hearts for Robin.

We'd run around the park, spinning on the merry ground, scaling the monkey bars, jumping and saying things like, "Kazam!"

I loved this game.

Fittingly, my dad gave Rye this Batman mask for his birthday last month.

We also like this quite a bit. In fact, we've all taken turns wearing it.

There's just something totally empowering about pretending to be a superhero.


Ashley said...

Sometimes it would be nice to live the life of a superhero for a day. I would try it. :)

Cute pic.

chris said...

That is too funny! We put the same mask on Jack a few days ago in the store. We didn't buy it, but it was darn cute! He now has the nickname "Bat Jack." :)

Daddy said...

...and sometimes I had to play Druzella, Wonder Woman's Amazon sister. Dads at play couldn't be fussy about gender roles...