Wednesday, March 26, 2008

You know that Jack Johnson song

the one called "Do You Remember?" where he talks about the first time he met a girl?

Jack tells us they met in early September when he locked his bike to hers.

It wasn't hard to find, he said, because she had painted flowers on it.

I like this song a lot. It's a new favorite, in fact.

And today, I had one of those moments where you sort of go, "Is that real? Wait, what is that?"

It was a bike with flowers painted on it, parked outside a downtown building I happened to be walking into. The bike's frame was white, but the tires had thick rims like back in the 70s. The rims were lime green and covered with intricately painted flowers.

It was cool.

Listen to the song here, courtesy of YouTube user WARES3, if you haven't heard it.

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Jenny said...

I love Jack Johnson! And that song is really cute. It would be so much more fun to ride a bike like that than some boring ol' mountain bike any day.