Friday, March 28, 2008

Let's call it Oakview (way) west

I am almost afraid to write about this.

It's that good of a secret.

Let me tell you what I got at this store recently:

A pair of Nike capri running pants, $3.99

A pair of pink North Face sweat pants, $3.59

An Ann Taylor skirt, $3.59

An Express work-appropriate shirt, $.99

A Kelty DOUBLE jogging stroller, $24.99.

This was at Goodwill, people!

The Goodwill in way west Omaha (so far west, you might as well be in Gretna really) has really nice stuff.

I don't go there very often, but when I do I always wind up with an armful of clothes to try on. And I always spend at least an hour there, despite my intentions beforehand to just "stop in real quick."

Not only do they have a lot of clothes, they have a lot of name-brand clothes. Many of the pieces still have a lot of wear in them, too. I credit the way-richer-than-I'll-ever-be west Omahans for this thrift store gold mine. Thank you, doctors, lawyers and Internet technologists of suburbia! Now, I have a closetful of secondhand name-brand clothes and a stroller too big to fit in my garage.

Seriously, though, this is good stuff that should not have been discarded yet. And I'm more than happy to carry its circle of life on -- and save money while doing it.


Jenny said...

I miss that Goodwill so so much! I found a double stroller for $19 and a ton of never worn baby clothes!

It sounds like you hit the jackpot, those are great finds!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Your post reminded me how much I love thrift stores. I used to shop at them all the time. I will have to go to one again soon.

Grant said...

why would one need a double jogging stroller... please educate

Veronica said...

Grant, see post from Monday about desire for second child.

Yes, I've jumped the gun.

J Morgetron said...

My daughter and I went to that Goodwill this past week and she found a Rescue Pet, and I found two wall hangings, one for each of my daughters. One a beautiful ilustration by a children's book artist (Jody Bergstrau) and a drawing of a zebra for my oldest daughter. We like Thrift World in Millard too ... but there are gems to be uncovered on 24th St. between Q and L. Those are the plan-a-whole-day thrift shops. I lost track of time. It's a cheap and fun way to spend a day. I pack up the kids, give them each five or ten bucks and it entertains us all day long.

Jeannine said...

You know my feelings on this subject. Rarely do I shop anywhere else. Way to go!