Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen Things about VERONICA

1. I would eat ice cream every day if I could. Plain, simple vanilla.

2. Having a baby didn't make me feel like a grown-up. But declawing my cats and buying a new couch did.

3. I was a lifeguard for six years and really, really liked it. Once, I "adopted' a 9-year-old who walked to the pool every day barefoot and told stories about how they didn't have spoons at home and so had to eat cereal with forks.

4. Driving past the newspaper building where I had my first "real world" job a week after I quit, I flipped it off. The building. I hated the job that much.

5. I care really a lot about things. OK, the word for this, really, is "obsessive." I just can't help it. But I still maintain: It's better to be passionate than uninterested.

6. Like my friend Jenny says about herself, I'm fiercely loyal. I'm a great listener, a good friend and a trusted secret keeper.

7. I'm not very good at doing nothing. I like to feel productive.

8. I'm restless. This might be why we move at least every 2.5 years. In general, I don't like to do the same thing over and over. I need new running routes, new responsibilities, new things to look forward to.

9. Like Horton, I mean what I say, and I say what I mean (sometimes, when I shouldn't). I'm fallibly honest.

10. If I could start college over again, I would do things differently. I'd live in the honors dorm. I'd study to be a veterinarian. I'd make more friends.

11. Someday, I want to write a novel.

12. Much of me is afraid of underachieving. Much of me is afraid of not having enough fun. They're not very compatible.

13. Being a mom teaches me more than I ever expected. It's my favorite thing of all, having him.

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bryan said...

Did this blog explode overnight? Was I unconscious for several weeks?

Either way, I like it. And I also like ice cream, but I hate the guilt that goes along with it. Generally, the ice cream gets funky before it gets eaten.

Veronica said...

Hey! I don't know if it exploded, but yes, I decided to make it more active.

I agree with you on the guilt about the ice cream. That's what I meant by "If I could," I would eat it every day.

How are you?

Grant said...

Vanilla ice cream is awesome. My wife thinks it doesn't count if doesn't include chunks of sweet things & peanut butter. I'm all for vanilla.

I'm guessing you didn't actually flip off the building, but the people who were jerks inside the building. It's rare in my line of work to find people hating a building, but relationships, particularly if they are with a poor supervisor can stay with us a long time.

"Obsession" is just another word for "Passion", as you point out. Completely agreed. Just use the latter synonym more often.

You're restless because you like to learn. You need that stimulation. There's nothing wrong with that and you just have to find all the different ways to explore that.

Fallibly honest is probably a damn good trait in the best journalists. Not sure about vets. I've only known you 20 some odd years (with a few gaps), but I'm damn glad you picked journalism over vet school. Maybe you just need to do more pieces on animals?

Your fears could be very well aligned, just make sure you overachieve at fun. Make the things that you do that aren't as fun the fuel (monetarily & psychologically) to open up the opportunities for overachievement at fun.

My 2 cents... it's probably worth about one and a half, so as always, take it for what it's worth. ;-)

Cheers Veronica. Keep writing.

bryan said...

I'm well ... now. The flu kicked our butts for a few days, though. I ate normally and rode yesterday, so I think that means I'm OK.

But about that building ... Even though the building itself wasn't being flipped off, it was a pretty cruddy place to work. No windows, nasty old green carpet ... yuck. A depressing place to set up shop.

Jenny said...

Welcome to Thursday Thirteen!

Your honesty and passion are two of my favorite qualities of yours! We don't know each other as well as we used to, but I've always admired all of your're a wonderful person.

Isn't it strange, having kids didn't make me feel grown up either. I think kids are great at keeping us young.

And I say go ahead and eat the ice cream (within reason) every day if it makes you happy, you only live once!


Veronica said...

Grant, thanks for your comments! It's so nice to hear from you. And Jenny, thanks for yours, too. You two -- and you two alone -- are the oldest friends I have. And that's really worth something. I miss you.

Bryan, yes, you're absolutely right about the awfulness of the building itself. Sure, if the supervisors and work inside had been better, the building could have been stomached. But the whole package was awful. Hence, the celebration as we finally drove out of town.