Sunday, February 17, 2008


To everybody I e-mailed earlier today saying I was feeling better after violent stomach flu/food poisoning the last few days, scratch that.

I now have a fever, chills that turn into feeling way overheated that turns back into chills, muscle aches, a head ache and the beginnings of a sore throat.

It gets better.

Today, Dane discovered that our washer has been leaking water all over the floor underneath it for months. We've got a nice little colony of mold, too! He learned all of this 20 minutes before he had to go to work ON A SUNDAY.

So now, only days after basking in our new carpet/couch glory, we have to crawl on top of the washer and dryer, which are pulled out into the hallway, to simply get to our bedroom. There are wet clothes and blankets draped randomly around the house. This takes all the fun out of the new stuff. Not to mention, we're sort of running out of money.

One more thing that's pretty much the icing on the cake: Rye has a very pink, watery, green-and-yellow-matted eye!! That means we can't go to daycare tomorrow, and I already missed work Friday while puking. Not to mention, he's nobly telling me it doesn't hurt, but it looks so sore and itchy, it obviously does.

When it rains it pours, it never ends, and all those other little sayings we use to muddle through are appropriate here.

This, too, shall pass. I know. (There's my bit of optimism).

Still. Come on, already.


Anonymous said...

That sucks, Veronica. Are you feeling any better today? Did you go to the doctor at all? Hope you feel better soon.

bryan said...

Here's another saying: Just give up.

Yikes -- I'm going to keep quiet about being tired from riding my bike now. Good luck with all of that.

Veronica said...

Thanks both of you. I am feeling a bit better tonight.

And it turns out the washer wasn't broken after all (at least the repairman, who still charged us $64, didn't think so). We just can't wash big, down comforters in it.

Rye will be home again tomorrow with pink eye (which we got medicine for at the doctor today), but it's Dane's turn.

Jeannine said...

Hope the recovery is going better now. Sounds like the flu hit hard. Perhaps it wasn't the food after all huh? I guess that might be good news. Sorry I haven't written lately our computer was having some screen problems, but we are good now. We are counting down the days to seeing you.