Tuesday, February 12, 2008

new carpet

It's amazing what new carpet does to a house.

Maybe it's just that seeing what's underneath carpet when you rip out the old is so disgusting and awful that anything put in on top of it would be better.

But I think more so it's that the new carpet is really nice.

And it's in our house.

I sort of can't believe it.

My stepdad said over the weekend that it was like we were getting a new house.

Not really, I thought.

And it's still obviously not a new house.

But when the basement is done being refinished (not soon enough) I think it sort of will. More so than not anyway.

We still have much of our furniture crowded into our kitchen and dining room. Right now, I am sitting on the love seat staring happily out onto a sea of beige in our "new" living room.

I'm liking it.

I'm guessing it will be even better when I actually feel like I can walk on it without damaging it.

Apparently, Rye refused to walk on it at first. And as far as I know only one of our four cats has yet to set a paw on it either.

I guess it's just that new.

Maybe one day we'll even put furniture on it.


Jenny said...

Congrats, that must feel great!

bryan said...

Nah, skip the furniture and just go with beanbag chairs. That'd be pretty sweet.

Ros said...

People should read this.