Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Omaha after all

After two weeks of hopefulness, worry, excitement and too-much logic, we've made a really good decision.

We're going to stay here.

Our friends will still be in Colorado, and I will still miss them every single day. The two jobs we almost took will go to someone else. And I will still wonder, what if?

But Omaha with its commute and lack of scenery has slowly become home (as much as I try to fight it).

I got really mad last night at the Realtor who came in with all his reality and pointed out all the sore spots in our house. Maybe the basement isn't finished properly, but it's still our basement. Maybe the upstairs only has two bedrooms, but they're still two nice bedrooms. I disliked the salesman almost right away. The Hummer he parked in our driveway should have been my first clue. The stink of his breath was the second.

So we won't be inviting him back.

We don't need to anyway. We're staying here. For now? Forever? I don't know. (OK, please don't let it be forever).

But I hope we'll start to actually live here, for now, being OK with keeping only a distant, watchful eye on those mountains to the west.


Jeannine said...

There are two very distinct feelings running around my little heart right now. First, sorrow. How badly I want you all to be close so we could see each other more than twice a year. There is nothing like having a great friend close by. Second, happy. All I want is for you to be really happy and finding contentment in your current circumstance will surely go along way towards happiness. I will still remain quietly hopeful that the perfect two jobs will find their way to you and before long you will be close by our sides again. Until then we will miss you all dearly and wait with great anticipation to see the three of you again.

Cara said...

Well, since you are staying, I think we need to make it a point to get together more often. Twice in the spring and once in the fall is a good start, but we can do better:)

Why did you decide to stay?

And I love, love, loved the Bohemian Alps 4-miler. Reminded me of high school cross country, too. And also of a time of year that it's easy to miss entirely when you spent too much of your time in an office or an apartment or a house.

So nice to see you. We will talk soon.