Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall clothes

Is it just me, or does everyone have a hard time finding something to wear when the seasons change?

It's been awful the last week or so. I've even gone shopping a couple times and come home with a new pair of jeans (which I wore Friday and felt HUGE in them all day -- not what you want from a new pair of pants) and a few new shirts (one of which I can't wear because I don't have any pants that go with it. Very frustrating).

I've been trying to remember what I wore last fall and winter. And I'm coming up blank.

Today, I wore an old pair of white denim pants that also made me feel less than thin and that really just aren't very nice. I should have known the clothing day wasn't going to go well when after dropping Rye off at daycare this morning, I looked down at my brand new white sweater to find spots of orange V8 Fusion all over. I stopped home to change -- and was 15 minutes late for the interview I had set up at 9 a.m.

Can't it just be summer still? I think the true problem is that for maybe the first time ever I actually had warm-weather clothes I liked this season. Now, I'm back to clothes I really don't like. Too-big pants I bought after having Rye and one pair of pants I bought well before having Rye (they are too small).

None of this, of course, really matters. I certainly have clothes to choose from.

I just wish more things in life were easy. And getting dressed in the morning seems like something that should be easy.


Jeannine said...

I have experienced this that very same problem in the past, but not this fall. I am guessing that the reason this fall is so much better is because of a simple purchase. I bought a pair of boots at the thrift shop a few weeks ago and my outfits just seem to keep on falling into place everytime I put them on. I think the current fashion isn't very friendly to people at our height so my boots which are probably a couple inches tall really seem to do the trick. Who knows but it might just be the ticket for you to. By the way your beautiful no matter what you have on just ask your husband. (wink, wink)

Veronica said...

Thanks, Jeannine. You're so nice to me! I got your e-mail this weekend -- I'm sorry I haven't written you back yet. We had a really good weekend. We took Friday off and went for a hike in these hills (called the Loess Hills) in western Iowa. It was really, really nice. We might look at moving over there in the spring to one of the small towns around there.

So boots are my ticket, huh? I do need new ones. But my birthday is coming up, so I'll wait and see if I get any gift cards or cash.

Hope you guys are well.