Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

I turned 28 today.

It was a good day.

My son ran his first race and, despite our apprehensions, actually ran most all of the quarter-mile route. He crossed the finish line in 2:30 and loved the orange mardi-gras beads with a plastic skeleton hanging from them that he got as a reward.

After I ran the 5K (a nice, tough course; I finished in 25:27), Rye said, "Let's go run some more!" So we reran the route through the parking lot he had done before. He did the whole thing by himself the second time.

Later in the day, on more than one occasion, he said, "Hey Mommy, where'd my run go?"

After the race, which included a man dressed as Forest Gump when he's running and a live band, we stopped at Starbucks where I loved every ounce of the white chocolate mocha I ordered.

Then, we stopped home before heading to a very cool actual farm near Fontenelle Forest and Bellevue. It was "Trick or Treat with the Animals" day and every child there had a Halloween costume on except mine. But that was fine. We had a great time at the farm. We all got to pet a sheep (it felt just like wool!), I let a cow lick my hand (it felt like an oversized cat tongue), we saw lots of horses, a pig bit Rye's shirt and we took a hayrack ride. The day was just right, filled with sunshine. Rye also discovered Gummi Lifesavers ("Those ARE fruit snacks," he said).

After a nap in the car that lasted an hour after we got home (yes, we left him in the car, semi-supervised and windows down), my mom and sister came for dinner.

We went to Macaroni Grill, waited only minutes for a table, got our yummy food super fast, and I got serenaded by a waiter named Matt, who sang me something in Italian.

I got just about all the presents I'd asked for, too. But those really were just a bonus.

The real gift was that time was ours today, to do with it what we wanted. I never felt rushed; I always felt loved. Things just fit today. And that was nice.

Maybe, if today was any indication, 28 won't be so bad after all.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday (again)!

Glad it was a good day.

I can't believe you can run a 5K in 25 minutes...I think it would take me about that long to run one mile.

Veronica said...

It would absolutely not take you that long to run one mile ... unless you take Butts and Guts beforehand (is that what you told me it was called?).

You commented on this before I even posted the picture! You must have just gotten off work.

It was nice to talk to you today. Thanks again for the cool card (LOVE the quote about eating snacks for dinner; Mother saw it and liked it, too) and book.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the class is called Butts and Guts. And, yes, I posted right after I got off work.

Glad you liked the card and book.

Jill said...

happy birthday veronica! that's a great picture of the two of you.

Jeannine said...

You look radiant! That's exactly the way a birthday should be like. I am sure 28 will be wonderful. Hope you got my e-mail. We miss you all.