Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy 1/2 birthday!

It wasn't difficult.

It didn't take much time, money or advance preparation.

But the half birthday celebration I put together for my babies yesterday was well worth it.

We had store-bought pizza that I cooked in the oven.

We had a bouquet of balloons that cost $8 from the grocery store's floral department.

I made cupcakes, from a box and a jar.

I gave some to Rye to bring to Paige's daycare as a treat. He said, "Thank you, Mom!" as he carefully carried in the covered Tupperware container after school.

Paige and Rye had cupcakes there before coming home to our little party here.

I bought candles for 88 cents.

Grandma and Aunt Ashley and Uncle Justin came over.

We sang "Happy half birthday, Paige and Rye" and afterward Paige quietly sang "Happy birthday!" to herself in the long, drawn-out way toddlers pronounce their words.

It was genuinely fun.

Here's to celebrating half birthdays. Because they're only a kid once.

(Afterward, Paige took all the candles that'd been thrown on the table and stuck them into her cupcake, wick down. Loved it!)


Jessica said...

i only did the six month 1/2 only for my last son! i am sometimes lazy, though i do try to remember to at least say "happy 1/2 birthday"...though my boys give me odd looks when i do.

The Austin Life said...

Love it! We celebrate 1/2 birthdays, too! Sometimes we make 1/2 a 2 layer cake even. :) It's fun...and the kids love it. And, like you said, they are only kids enjoy!

Love the adorable pictures.

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures!

Pepinillo said...

wow, nice photography!!!

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