Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beep beep

One of the cutest things my daughter says now is "Beep beep." Try imagining a 14-month-old just learning to talk saying this phrase with an upward inflection at the end, almost as if she's asking a question.

"Beep beep?"

It's what she calls her belly button.

And I LOVE it.

A few weeks ago, I touched her belly button and said "Beep, beep!" She giggled. So I did it a few more times.

And now it's stuck.

"Paige, where's your beep beep?"

And she immediately looks down to find it and push a chubby pointer finger into it. Often, she'll say "Beep beep?" and then look for mine.

Today, we went swimming and she got a little frustrated when her one-piece suit did not allow easy access to the beep beep.

(The other really cute thing Paige says now is, "Rye Rye?"

Her brother. She's almost always wondering where he is. It's like he's her north. Without knowing exactly where he is, she isn't quite complete.

Also love this. How could a mama not? )


Katie said...

I really like the new look--today is my first time seeing it.
"Beep beep" is a way better name than belly button. I think we should all try to make it stick.

Veronica said...

Haha. Yes, I'm in if you are.

Hey, Katie, where's your beep beep?

Joshua Best said...

That's funny... I have a 17 month old girl that calls her (and everybody else's) nose "Beep beep".

Jen said...

Aw, beep-beep is adorable!

Veronica said...

Joshua, I bet someone touched her nose and said "Beep beep!" at some point. I'd be money.

Jen, thanks! She is so cute. :)

Henna @ AboutCabinets Blog said...

aww - she is just adorable - very sweet and cuddly

Anonymous said...

That's super cute. :)

Ana Dias said...

Aww she looks so sweet. You have a beautiful child :)

My niece used to call her nose "beep beep" and everytime she touched her nose she said: "beep beep". She was sweet, now that she is four years old she's still sweet but she's always doing something she shouldn't be doing, your daughter will get to that phase sooner or later ;)