Saturday, July 3, 2010

At least I'm second

Today, my 5-year-old said, "Blankie is my favorite person."

He's had this blanket, which is now much more of a thin, well-loved piece of cloth than an actual blanket, since before he was born. I bought it on clearance at Target for something like $8.99.

Who knew then what an investment I was making?

Five years later, he still sleeps with it. Every. Single. Night. (The picture above is what his blankie looked like before he loved it to death).

So he tells me his blankie his favorite person and I say, "What? More than Mommy?"

He smiles that smile and says, "Yep!"

Of course, I asked him where I rank.

He told me I was next, and I'm OK with that. At least I'm the first real person, right?

Rounding out the list is, in order, Paige (his sister), Daddy, Grandpa, Grammy and Papa (they go together), Grandma, Ashley and Justin (his aunt and uncle, my sister and brother), Daphne (our cat) and finally our house (which we are selling. Awesome).

I didn't realize he had a list of favorites, but I suppose we all have people or things we enjoy being around more than others.

He's lucky he has such a list of people (and one very important thing!) to love.


javamommy said...

I'm not going to lie... I actually got teary eyed that I was not on the "list". It's kind of funny how badly I want the acceptance and love of a 5 year old. Maybe I'll make the list when he moves away? And he can't see me all the time and I am not telling him he can't play ipod any longer or he needs to drink all of his milk. Sigh. If only....

Veronica said...

This blog post should be amended. Upon questioning, Rye said, "I did (put Jessica on the list)!"

I really do think it was an oversight. Of course, you're on the list, Jess! We love you!

mom said...

I keep hearing rumors of you moving away...please tell me it aint so!!! and then i wont even mention how i feel about being behind all the other grandparents on the list! I guess I'll just have to work harder. Love you all.