Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday mornings

How awesome are they?

The kids and I have just been hanging out. It's great because we're each doing our own thing, but we're all right next to each other. And our things will intertwine. Rye will show me something and I'll listen. Paige will bring me a book and I'll read it. She'll find a ball and we'll throw it. Rye will tell me a story and I'll listen. Then we'll go back to doing our own things for a bit before our moments intertwine again.

I am tired but content. We woke early today. I got coffee. I made the kids breakfast. They each had two chocolate chip waffles. Throw in peaches for Paige.

It's so nice to not be in a hurry. I spend so much time running around. I long for more simplicity. Today I'm getting it.

And even if it's just for one day - or even just part of a day (we do have to go to one of the big-box stores later today for things like diapers and milk) - I'll take it.


Do you like my blog's new look? I do! It needed a change.

Product reviews. I'd like to start doing them, from time to time. What products would you like to learn more about?


javamommy said...

I wish my Sundays were more like yours. It's nice to have off days with nothing to do but just be together.

Melanie said...

I really like the look. it's simple, and makes the blog post content the highlight of each page. way to go.

your sundays sound lovely.