Friday, March 5, 2010


Growing up, I had many friends.

But I had one very best friend.

Her name was Jenny, and I would have lived at her house if I could. We had sleepovers. We watched movies. We tried to save the princess. We went to Girl Scout camp. We worshipped the same boy band. We rode our bikes to the pool. We played kickball in the street. We once attempted to break the Guiness world record for time spent on a teeter-totter (yes, I was inspired by that episode of "The Brady Bunch"). We did EVERYTHING.

These are her kids. How precious are they? (Jenny, by the way, is a photographer based in Seward, Neb., who takes BEAUTIFUL pictures. Click here to go to her photography site).

As we got older and entered jr. high, we started to grow apart. I was into sports and being involved. She was more low-key. We started circling in different groups.

By the time we got to high school, we never hung out. There was no ill will; we just didn't spend time together.

When I moved to Omaha in 2005, I was 25 years old. I'd just had a baby and I found out that Jenny lived just down the street. I also learned that she was pregnant.

We reconnected, and it was so nice.

Was it the same as when we were kids riding our bikes to the pool or playing soccer in the street or telling ghost stories in a tent in her backyard? No. But we had all that to draw on, to base our grown-up relationship on.

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