Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby growing

Somehow, in the last two days, I went from feeling great to feeling very ... pregnant.

Seriously. I think my left ankle is already starting to swell. Last time, my ankles basically disappeared so that my calves traveled uninterrupted into equally swollen feet. It was great.

But that wasn't until the last six weeks or so. Maybe even later.

Yesterday, though, just out of the shower, I checked out my ankles. Yep, left one looked slightly bigger.

Even more concerning, though, is the sciatic nerve pain I can already feel. It starts in my lower back as a dull yet very there pain and travels down my left glute into my left hamstring where it just sort of hangs out. All day. This is also great.

I'm only 20 weeks along. Pregnancies last 40, or they're supposed to.

And so I'm panicking, if just a little.

On the bright side, I ran three miles yesterday at a 10-minute mile pace, breathing comfortably through my nose the whole way. Then I walked a half mile and lifted some light weights. That all felt good.

But perhaps that's why my back hurts, I thought to myself yesterday.

So this morning, I went to the gym again. This time, I ran two and a half miles and walked another half mile. It felt harder today, probably because my back was still so stiff. But I felt like once I got going, it was fine. It's often like that with running for me. And the lower back pain isn't that different than the discomfort I remember feeling while training for my marathon in 2004. Only then it stayed in my back (unlike now where it just sort of keeps going into my left leg).

So I'm complaining. Yep. That's all this is.

I just can't believe I have five more months and I already feel this way. I'm scared how much worse it's going to get.

I'm also THE pregnant girl at the gym now. People look at me -- when I walk in, when I get done running, when I'm doing bicep curls or squats. It's strange for sure and just a bit uncomfortable.

But whatever. I'm glad I can still run three miles and feel OK. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that for a while longer.

And, yes, I know, in the big scheme of things, spending nine (more like 10) months growing a baby, is nothing.

And totally worth it.


chris said...

Good for you! I think it's awesome being that pregnant girl at the gym. I sort of liked the feeling because think of how many non-pregnant people don't work out. And there you are, growing a baby, AND taking time to care for yourself.

I hope that you feel better and the pregnancy symptoms don't continue to get worse. You're right. It's all worth it.

Anne Wolfe Postic said...

You go! I have three children - with my first two pregnancies, I didn't exercise at all and gained 80 pounds each time. For the last one, i exercised until just before he was born - I felt great, the pregnancy lasted longer than my first two (31 weeks and 34 weeks - the third made it to term!) and I only gained 30 pounds, even though I ate just as heartily. I didn't always want to go exercise, but felt better once I got going. Best of luck!

Jeannine said...

Hey how are feeling now? Hopefully your back isn't giving anymore troubles. These second children! It can't be said enough though you are right it is all worth it!