Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election day

The polls close in Nebraska in 12 minutes.

This is a big day.

Again, because I'm a journalist, I can't write here about my political beliefs. But I'd like to.

Instead, though, I'll just say how cool it was to see all those people voting this morning. We showed up at the small Lutheran church that is our polling place about 15 minutes after the polls opened. There was a line well out the door.

We made sure to bring Rye with us, only bringing him to daycare after he saw what this thing called democracy is all about. I wanted him to be sure to see early on in life how we really can have a say.

The poll worker who took my ballot at the end even gave Rye a sticker, which he had really wanted. So we were all glad about that.

I was heartened to learn that our daycare provider even had the preschool-aged kids vote at her house today, too. She simply printed pictures of the two presidential candidates, talked the to the kids about what was happening and asked them who they'd pick.

They voted Obama 5-0.

Our provider chalked that up to a better smile and an unusual name.

I don't know ...

Anyway, enjoy the returns tonight. And here's to a historic election, either way the final tally falls.


Jonathan said...

I'm glad that there sounds like there was a big turnout near you. After seeing long lines on TV I was surprised that it took me about 5 minutes to vote (it took me about 7 minutes just to get to the polling site). Someone at work told me he waited 40 minutes before he could vote.

The projections look to favor Obama at the moment; more projections should be coming out in the next few minutes...

Anonymous said...

Rye got a sticker and I didn't! I am jealous. I also really wanted a sticker. The workers at my polling place sucked big time. They didn't know what they were doing and they were really rude to me.

Veronica said...

Oh, man, Sara! No sticker?? I really wanted a sticker, too. I can't believe you didn't get one. I'm sorry. I'm sure you can have Rye's. :)

Jonathan, I'm surprised you only had to wait five minutes to vote! But it's good, for you at least, you didn't have to wait too long.