Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baby names

So I'm having another baby.

I accidentally announced this in the New Kids post from last week. I don't really know what I was waiting for to talk about it on here (as if a blog posting makes it completely official or something, right?). But I didn't mean to just slip it in. Like I did.

I'm past the first trimester and as of yesterday am 13 weeks pregnant. I've had two ultrasounds (the last one unplanned after several agonizing minutes of the doctor not being able to find a heartbeat with her little heartbeat-listening tool. I finally said, "So ... is my baby dead?"). But the baby was fine and when I saw her on the screen, she was moving and punching her little fists in the air. A fighter already.


So Rye has been giving us name suggestions.

They are all from Star Wars.

And lately he's insisting on just one.

Here's how a recent dinner conversation went.

Rye: "I know what we can name the baby." Sly smile and sparkle in his eye like he is the cleverest kid ever.

Me, as usual: "What?"

Rye: "I know. I know! CHEWY!"

As in Chewbacca, the hairy monster guy from Star Wars, who I know is a GOOD guy, but who, dude, freaks me out. And that noise he makes? I can't take it. Here is his photo. See what I mean?

So Rye knows this, and that is why he continues to insist we name the new child Chewy. But only if it's a girl.

If it's a boy?

Rye: "If it's a boy, let's name it Herbie Husker."

Uh, no. Mommy vetoes that one as well. Never could I name a child after a football mascot who eerily resembles George Bush. See:

So what will we name the baby?

I know what I'd like for a girl. Dane doesn't agree with me on my choice for a boy.

I fear a nickname coming on, though, regardless of what the real name ends up being.


Ashley said...

so you dont know if its a boy or girl yet??

Veronica said...

No, Ash, I won't know until early January. Doctors can't tell right away -- only when the baby gets big enough to look at the well, you know. :)

Anonymous said...

What do you like for a girl name, if you don't mind sharing?

Jeannine said...

I can't remember if you were completely disgustd by the drano test or if you might do it again. I have never seen Herbie Husker I'll have to check him out.

Rye is hilarious by the way.

Veronica said...

Sara, I will tell you but not here. I'll send you an e-mail. :)

Jeannine, I was not disgusted by the Drano test. Is it about time now that I could try that? I think last time it pretty much said I was having a boy, but I was in denial (because I hadn't met my precious Rye yet, of course).

dane said...
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dane said...

This reaffirms how freaking stupid the new Herbie is. And how any daughter we have will be called Chewy reagrdless of her given name. Bwrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Jeannine said...

I think at 15 weeks is the perfect time to try the drano test. It is hard to find crystal drano though. Nevertheless, blue/green is a boy and brown or brownish green indicates a girl. Let me know if you do it. I remember now it was Ami who was totally freaked out about doing the test. I should have known. Have a great day.

Ashley said...

ya ik :)

I'm sure any name you pick will be just perfect!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Chewy is my favorite Star Wars character. =)

chris said...

What is the drano test?

Veronica said...

Chris, the Drano test is where you basically mix your own urine (yep) with crystal Drano, and the color it turns supposedly indicates whether you're having a boy or a girl. It worked for my friend, Jeannine, twice I think (right, Jeannine?).

OK, another week and a half and I'm trying it.

Sara! Chewy is your favorite Star Wars character? Oh, my. I don't think this is going to work out. :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Me and Rye know what's up. I'm totally going to call her Chewy. =)

Jeannine said...

Yes, it worked for me both times and out of I would say probably ten pregnancy's of other friends it has been wrong perhaps twice. My doctor had told me that those statistics were as good as an ultrasound.

jxz said...

Congrats, Dane and Veronica!

And I am totally fascinated by this Drano test.