Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The shoes

They're not great pictures, but they're all I have. Dane took them as I was opening them and then immediately trying them on. They're cool. One shoe says "SPEED." The other says "DISTANCE" (I really wanted "ENDURANCE" but it was one letter too long).


Grant said...

Very nice. That's such a cool christmas gift.

I strongly recommend wearing them with those pink socks. Great combo. ;-)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! All the best to the Stickney crew in '08.


Veronica said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Karen, too, Grant.

I know, the socks are super cool with the shoes, right?

bryan said...

Ohhh my. Those are pretty sweet. I've done the NikeID thing online many, many times, but I've never actually ordered them. I may have to do that now -- very cool.

Will those be the everyday runners?

Veronica said...

Yep. They're all I have really. When I wear them out, I can get more. :)

Glad you like them.

You should definitely do it. It's worth the money.

bryan said...

Awww, no custom Nikes for me. They don't have the ones I wear.

Cara said...

looooove them, veronica. the pink/yellow combination is great!

are those the kind that work with your ipod?

Veronica said...

Yes, Cara, they are the kind that work with my ipod. That feature is just as sweet as the shoes themselves. It's very, very cool actually.

Bryan, too bad! Maybe you could get some sometime just to wear? Do they make cycling shoes?