Monday, December 24, 2007

Tomorrow, tomorrow

Though I have no construction paper chain, my own barometer is telling me it's Christmas tomorrow!

How do I know (besides the obvious date on the calendar, of course)?

Because it's in the air. Everywhere.

At work today, people seemed more relaxed; they seemed to actually listen to people when they weren't talking about work. I noticed editors lingering to chat longer, even some giving holiday cards, some smiling. People are generally nice at work, but today just felt an extra bit so. Nobody seemed rush.

There was no traffic either, no waiting for a treadmill at the gym. No hassle at all. Everything was easy.

That must mean it's Christmas.

We have our shopping done, too. All we do now is wait. Aside from frosting cookies tonight and putting away clean laundry, we just savor the time.

We wait for Santa to squeeze down the chimney, sleep to sweep us away and morning to wake us with the promise of presents and time together.

I can't wait.

Check out Dane's blog for how he and Rye spent the morning.

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