Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Thanks to Katie, I am guaranteed a reader. (Thank you!)

Now, I need to start writing.

My first post (admittedly pretty lame) has garnered several reactions. Among them:
-- "You lost me on the New Kids reference." And then he made an L with the thumb and pointer finger of his left hand, calling me a loser. One guess as to who that was.
-- A paraphrase: If I was a bettor, I'd wager 45 days before you move to Colorado.

45 days? I don't know. In some very real ways, I would be sad to leave here. But I think we're meant to be in Colorado. It just feels like home. Still, it's hard to make big decisions like this. I wish there was a class or something I could take called "All the Right Answers." And if I just studied hard enough, I would be guaranteed an A.

In reality, I wonder if anyone ever knows the right answer?


Jeannine said...

True nobody ever knows the right choice, but at least in this circumstance you are pretty informed about your options. After that you just have to follow your heart and learn to be a great responder to what comes next.

Anonymous said...

You have two fans! And I enjoyed your New Kids reference.

Jill said...

three fans!

Jenny said...

four fans!