Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Being really honest

What’s the one thing you’d change about yourself if you could?

(Yes, only one. Come on. You do not have 10 things that need to be different).

Mine is knowing when to shut up, or knowing when to not say something that I didn’t think much about before I said it.

Because sometimes when we say things, they end up meaning that much more to the person who heard them.

And then they’re really hard to take back. And when I didn’t mean what I said in the way it was received in the first place, well, then, it always make me think: a. Why are you so honest? and b. Why don’t you think before you speak?

And then there’s nothing I can do.

I know I said only one, but the second thing I would change is how much I worry about things. Little things become huge if left to ruminate in my mind, and then, yes, I slowly drive myself insane…

And the third thing I would change is how much I care about the little things.

This life is tough sometimes, right?

I know. Chill out. Only worry about what I can control. Live in the moment. Yada yada. I know.

But still.

Tell me I’m not alone. Your less-than-desirable trait, please?
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