Monday, April 4, 2011

Such a big girl

Certain things must happen for a child to fully grow up.

They must master skills like tying their shoes, zipping their jacket, blowing their nose, brushing their teeth, using the potty, going to sleep on their own in a big kid bed. Playing at a friend's house without Mommy there.

Also: eating cereal with milk. With a spoon. All by yourself. (What? This isn't on your list?)

Paige is apparently now a big girl.

And I'd say she's pretty pleased about it, wouldn't you?

Her big brother yesterday went to a Nebraska baseball game with a good friend and his mom. I sent him with money and a juice box, temporary substitutes for me. He had a great time and I was excited for him to get to go. The independence he's gained this year in kindergarten definitely signals that he's growing up.

But he has yet to eat cereal with milk. So his little sis has got that on him at least.

We're on vacation this week! Happy week to all of you, too.