Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow day (x) two

Today was the second snow day. My kindergartner was out of school again, I still felt sick and my toddler was still as rambunctious as ever.

No one cared that Mommy still had to work, even if school was called off, even if she felt sick.

No one cared that we hadn't been out of the house since Saturday. (Today is Wednesday, mind you).

No one cared that I was out of coffee.

Snow days would be a lot more fun if a. we could get of the house and if b. I also got the day off from work. Think how much fun snow days would be in the summer?! Swimming, riding bikes, trips to the park!

Snow days in winter, especially on days when the driveway isn't shoveled and the wind chill is below zero, are no fun. You can't even really go sledding.

The day turned out just fine actually. And, yes, I'm exaggerating the awfulness above. I took the kids to daycare, I went to the doctor (I have a sinus infection. Bring on the antibiotics!) and made a quick stop at the gym before returning home to work, in peace and quiet. I got a lot done.

And now I'm going to get my babies, with the renewed sense of how much I love them that only a small break from them can bring.

And tonight after they're in bed?

A glass of wine and an Internet search for cheap tickets to Cancun.


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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you have a sinus infection. I've only had one once but it totally sucked. I can't believe you went to the gym with one. Good for you. Are you really going to Cancun?

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