Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why is show and tell only for school?

This blog originally appeared on, the World-Herald's Web site for moms.

Last night, I helped Rye assemble an all-about-me package for preschool today.

We looked through old pictures and thought about what toys or objects were most meaningful to him. We also answered questions like "When I grow up I want to be ..." and "I'm happy when ..."

He ultimately chose four pictures, which we glued to a piece of brightly colored cardstock. They are photos of his family: Mommy, Daddy, Paige and the kitties.

And he chose to bring a little bouncy ball that he really likes (I questioned this choice, but hey, what do I know?) and a rock that he got while hiking with his dad in Colorado last week.

He debated bringing his blankie, which let's be honest if there's one item that means the world to him, it's that tattered piece of fabric. But I understand why he didn't want to bring it. It's almost too personal, in a way.

This activity, of course, made me remember how excited I was the few times in school I got to bring items for show and tell.

And as we answered the questions, it made me think how I would answer them. Why is it kids are the only ones who get to participate in all-about-me days?

So here we go. Play along. Humor me.

1. I'm happy when ...

2. The funniest thing I ever saw was ...

3. When I grow up, I want to be ...

4 I like ...

5. My hope for the future is ...

6. Items I would bring to show and tell:


Ashley said...

1. I'm happy when i'm with family or friends

2. the funniest thing i ever saw was...(well way too many times to choose from but..) when megan totally flipped over while riding her bike down the street. (hah, sounds mean, but you had to be there)

3. when i grow up i want to be an animal control officer (not the dogcatcher type)

4. i like camping out in the cool summer nights

5. my hope for the future is to get Kelly and Comet back. and soon.

6. Items i would bring to show and tell...would be my hamster :) and my all-about-me booklet i made in preschool.

Jeannine said...

1.I'm happy when I am lying in bed next to my husband.

2. The funnies thing I ever saw... can't think of a thing.

3.When I grow up I want to be exactly what I am, a wife and a mom.

4.I like music.

5. My hope for the future is for less ignorant hatred to exist.

6. I would bring to show and tell my husband and my kids plus a yummy homemade soup.

What are your answers Veronica?