Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not my neck of the woods

I spent much of my day at Regency Court, a high-end shopping center where I do not belong.

The stores there are places like Pottery Barn, Ann Taylor Loft, White House Black Market and Anthropologie.

The merchandise basically rocks. It's high-quality, stylish, trendy, nice stuff.

But I could never in a million years buy any of it. It's not just kind of expensive. It's super expensive. Like $900 for a twin bed at Pottery Barn Kids expensive.

Also, the clientele? I don't look like those women. Those women push designer strollers and carry shopping bags from places like Borsheim's and Williams and Sonoma.

(An aside: Anthropologie totally and completely rocks. Today was my first time there, and oh man. That I loved it all so much makes the fact I can't buy anything there all the more painful. This afternoon, for example, I found a cute, vintagey orange dress. Loved it. Price tag, however: $90 - and that was the sale price. The dress above? $158.)

So while the shopping center is way nice and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to promote (the World-Herald's Web site for moms of which I am in charge) there, it will be better for my bank account if I stick to places like Target and Kohl's.

But I can keep dreaming about those dresses.


jessie said...

I totally get it. I work in a small office with three other people. All three send their kids to private schools and have country club memberships where their kids get tennis and golf lessons in the summer. It's easy to feel as if I'm coming up short somehow. I just have to look outside my insulated little environment to get my perspective back every once in awhile.

Veronica said...

Jessie, yes, perspective is key, I'm learning, in everything in life. Thanks for your comment. You are not coming up short!

javamommy said...

I also love those stores. Graden got me a sweater for my birthday from Anthropologie. I loved it but the penny pincher in me took it back. One fifty eight dollars is what I spend on groceries for a week and a little less than my phone, cable, and internet bill. We're better off!