Sunday, August 23, 2009

First day

Rye started preschool last Monday.

We were nervous and excited for it, and the day went fine. The highlight, I think, was the little mouse game which has a song that goes like this: Little mouse, little mouse, are you in the (insert color here) house? You have to hear Rye sing it. It's very cute.

Here's another picture from the morning, right before we left to go.

The lowlight of the day was the face plant Rye took onto the sidewalk when being picked up from daycare that evening. The fall involved blood all over his face, I'm told, and an hour or so of worrying about whether he needed to go to the ER or some urgent care clinic for stitches.

Here's what he looked like that night before bed. Like he got beat up, right?

He didn't end up going for stitches, and almost a week later, he's doing fine. He still has a gash on the very top of his forehead but for the most part he's all better.

And he's a preschool veteran now, too, with three days under his belt.


Chris said...

He must love that Wolverine shirt! He was wearing it at our house today too. :) Thanks again for coming. It was really nice to see you!

Veronica said...

Oh, well, we just got it, Chris. Yesterday was the second time he had worn it (about six days apart). But he does like it, yes. :)

Jeannine said...

Isa and I started preschool today ourselves. It was fun for both of us.
Poor Rye, ouch!

You look amazing! What a cool dress.

Veronica said...

So glad you both enjoyed preschool, Jeannine! I need to call you back. We were at Adventureland when you called on Saturday. Oh, and thanks. I like that dress, too.

Katie said...

I love your dress in the top picture.